Thursday, 22 September 2011


 Narrated by Abdullah ibn Amr: 
“The best of friends, in God’s sight, is the one who is best to his friend; and the best of neighbors, in God’s sight, is the one who is best to his neighbor.”


Whenever you look at their faces, they could remind you of ALLAH SWT..

By hearing their words, you will gain more KNOWLEDGE on Islam..

By looking at their every movement shall remind you of DEATH.


 Alhamdulillah, I'm grateful for being able to meet these people who I called as friends. I'd learnt many beautiful things from them. They taught me how to find "True Happiness" by the devotion to Allah swt. They changed me a lot and I am happy to say that I have become a better muslimah now and trying hard to be much better and istiqamah in this path. Friendship taught me one must have his/her companions around in order to make their life more meaningful. Eventhough we are separated by distance, I believe we will still very close by heart. Thank you for taking care of me all this while, sharing my tears and laughter..I hope that this friendship will last to Jannah. Ukhuwah Fillah Abadan Abada. I am really..definitely..absolutely..seriously in love with you girls lillahita'ala.

O' Allah, please protect us from sins and wrong doings, bless this friendship with Barakah and Forgiveness. Amin Ya Rabbal A'lamin.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

CHECK LIST DIRI..Bagaimana imanku hari ini?


  1. Bangun malam
  2. Solat sunat Rawatib
  3. Solat sunat Dhuha
  4. Solat Fardhu di awal waktu
  5. Tadabbur Al-Quran
  6. Bacaan Al-Mathurat
  7. Kurangkan bercakap
  8. Betulkan niat selalu
  9. Husnuzon pada Allah swt
  10. Husnuzon pada manusia
  11. Jangan mengumpat
  12. Damaikan saudara yang bergaduh
  13. Ringankan tangan untuk membantu yang lain
  14. Banyakkan zikrullah
  15. Kurangkan ketawa
  16. Hadirkan diri ke majlis-majlis ilmu
  17. Baca bahan ilmiah
  18. Banyakkan bersedekah
  19. Banyakkan bersyukur
  20. Bersabar & berlapang dada
  21. Usaha untuk kusyuk dalam setiap solat
  22. Berdoa untuk ibu bapa
  23. Berdoa untuk sahabat, guru-guru, saudara-mara & umat muslimin muslimat
  24. Bacaan Al-Mulk sebelum tidur
  25. Luangkan sedikit masa untuk berfikir..apa yg aku telah lakukan utk Islam hari ini??

InsyaAllah..Allah akan beri kekuatan iman buat jiwa kita. Jangan putus asa sekiranya teruji..
"Apakah manusia dibiarkan mengatakan mereka beriman tapi tidak diuji?" (Al-Ankabut:2)
Jom melabur untuk saham akhirat~

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Happy Eid Mubarak! Taqabballah minna wa minkum..

Abu Ayub al-Ansari, the Prophet said: "Whoever fasted Ramadan and then followed by a six days of fasting in Shawwal, the fast is like fasting all the time." ( Muslim)

Thawban (Allah be pleased with him) relates that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him, his family, and companions) said, “Whoever fasts Ramadan, and then six days after Eid, it is [like fasting] an entire year. Whoever does a good deed shall have ten times its reward.” [Ibn Majah, Muntaqa]

Among other benefits of fasting six days of Shawwal: 

  1. As the sealing of all the lack of practice of fasting in Ramadan.
  2. All practice to get closer to Allah SWT during Ramadan, will not be interrupted by the passing of the holy month, for he is still alive.
  3. Gets easy & feel light to fast although after Ramadan fasting month is a sign of God has received their Ramadan fast & also for doing good and then continued with other good deeds, therefore it is a sign of acceptance of the first amal
  4. God keep the fast of six of the fire at a distance of seventy years. 
  5. Fasting after Aidilfitri is one sign of gratitude for the favor and forgiveness granted by Allah during Ramadan.

Imam Ahmad and An-Nasa'i, narrated from Tsauban, the Prophet said: "Fasting month of Ramadan as it is to fast for 10 months and fasting for six days after (Shawwal) equal to the fast two months. So this means that (you) have been fasting for a year. " (Hadith narrated by Ibn Khuzaymah and Ibn Hibban)


Fasting six it can be done on any day during the month of Shawwal, either continuously or alternately:

1) Most afdal is fasting for six days in a row from the second Aidilfitri (2 Syawal) to 7 Syawal.
2) Fast alternately, ie whether the alternate day fasting, two or three days once, six days in Shawwal, in accordance with their respective capabilities.


1) Educating the human patience from temptations of food abundance through the open houses.
2) Provide the opportunity for the body to adapt after a full month's hunger and thirst.
3) God wanted to test His servants whether they're willing to go after a month of fasting Ramadan although only six days more of fasting.
4) A completion of scarcity. On the Day of Resurrection, will be completed the Fardhu acts (equipped) with the act of Sunnah.
5) Provide opportunities for women who could not fast in Ramadan, replacing their fast and in the same time receiving reward from Allah for fasting (puasa sunat).
6) Avoid the habit of delaying in qada Ramadan fasting at the end of Sya'ban.
7) Perform fast back soon after the Aidilfitri feel light and happy, is a proof of love of fasting.
8) Fasting after Ramadan is like a person who had just escape from Fisabilillah war quickly return back in his troops.

Fast six's Niyyat (niyyat translated in BM):